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  • American Kennel Club 
    • The American Kennel Club, useful for locating upcoming shows, tracking results, information on all facets of registration and competition with dogs.
  • Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
    • The parent club of the breed in the United States.  This is an invaluable source of information on all things PWD.
  • Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California
    • Our local club and resource for training, networking, and problem solving.
  • Portuguese Water Dog Foundation
    • A nonprofit organization that funds and reports research on health issues affecting Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • PWD Pedigree Study Group
    • The PWD PSG strives to be a database of the pedigrees of ALL PWDs! There are presently 32,535 records in the database. This is an international database and includes pets as well as show dogs. These volunteers are seeking copies of official pedigree documents for the research archive and photographs of every dog for the pedigree gallery. Browsing the gallery is free; full access to the database is available for a minimum $40 donation to the PWD Foundation.
  • Sue Ailsby's Clicker Training Levels
    • Sue Eh!, well established dog trainer and owner of three talented PWDs, has composed a series of training levels that makes training your dog a step-by-step, enjoyable process that any owner can follow and achieve success.
  • Canine Nose Work
    • Nose Work is a relatively new, rapidly growing sport teaching dogs to use their sense of smell in challenging ways.  The training and tests resemble those that might be seen with bomb or drug detection dogs but instead use specific essential oils as the target odors.
  • 4 My PWDS
    • Dog supplies and gifts, particularly for water training.
  • International All Breed Canine Association
    • IABCA provides a European-style dog show where each dog receives a written evaluation from each judge. They provide a more relaxed style of competition that can be a fun experience for the whole family.
  • United Kennel Club
    • UKC offers conformation, obedience, rally, scent work and weight pull events. This is another fun family venue.
  • Spay/Neuter Research Information
    • A study on long term effects of canine spaying or neutering.  Please read and discuss with your vet.
  • Additional Spay/Neuter Research Information

          ○  A more recent study on long term effects of canine spaying or neutering with information on behavioral aspects.  Please read and discuss with your vet.

  • More Spay/Neuter Research Information

    • Information on the consequences of canine spay/neutering on other health issues.  Please read and discuss with your vet.

  • A Healthier Respect for Ovaries

    • Recent article on positive longevity link to long term retention of ovaries.  Please read and discuss with your vet.

  • The Georgie Project
    • The Georgie Project was a collaboration between owners and breeders of Portuguese Water Dogs and researchers at the University of Utah.  The collaboration is named in memory of Georgie, a Portuguese Water Dog who died of an auto immune disease.  As part of the research scenario, when one of our beloved dogs passed on, an in-depth necropsy was performed by the researchers and the dog's ashes returned to the owner.  The staff is very caring and sensitive in assisting with the preparations.  While it is a difficult decision at a very emotional time, the knowledge gained can be invaluable for future generations of PWDs.  Additional information is available at

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