Sacramento Valley, CA USA

At the Bridge

Those who have gone on

Sadly, each of our beloved companions leaves us. No matter how many days we have with them, it is never long enough and every loss is painful. 

Cruiser, Sete Mares Cruiser, was my first PWD.  Purchased as a show dog, we worked together earning several points, including a major owner-handled. Before too long he let me know that the show life nor competition weren’t what he wanted to do so retired to the couch with a total of 5 points.  He was an old soul who loved being with his family first and foremost.

Jasper, Toraq Doryman JWD, was my first water working dog who taught me the joy of working with him as a team.  He taught me so much about patience and listening to what he needed rather than what I wanted. He succumbed to a combination of amelanotic melanoma and hemangiosarcoma less than three weeks after discovery of the melanoma.  In an effort to advance knowledge about these diseases, his body was shared with the Georgie Project

Uma, CH Ashbe Legado Somente Uma BN RN TD CGC, was one of those once in a lifetime dogs.  A princess from birth she loved to be doing whatever I asked of her.  She loved being a showgirl and what a thrill it was to see her take first bitch Award of Merit at the very first National Specialty we attended in 2007.  Water, well princesses really like to lay on pillows but she gave every thing she was capable of and we had fun. She waited until the most adverse conditions she could find, in Arizona, to finally put all the pieces together to earn her Apprentice Water Dog title.  Tracking and then nosework were so exciting for her. She achieved her Tracking Dog title but the multi-year California drought put a hold on tracking and she didn’t get a chance to get back in the fields to try for her Tracking Dog Excellent title. Though she didn’t get to enter any nosework trials we had so much fun just taking classes and practicing.

Dory, GCH CH SeaIsle El Pescador BN, RN, CGC, JWD, NW3x2, NW3 Container, NW3 Interior, NW3 Vehicle, NW3 Exterior, L2C, L2I, L1E, was the “dog who stayed”. He stood out in the Uma x Rascal litter as a possible show prospect and performance candidate. Several homes had expressed interest in him but just weren’t at the right place in their lives for him so he stayed with me and what a life we enjoyed together. He wasn’t thrilled about the show ring but always loved to do what he was asked so achieved his GCH. We did some rally and obedience, tried tracking and while he obliged they weren’t his favorite things. Then we discovered scent work. This boy loved to search! He achieved a number of titles up through NW3. His last title was earned just 2 weeks before he passed, before I realized that he was ill with lung cancer.

Jack, GCH SeaIsle Captain Jack Sparrow BN, RI, SWN, SIA, SEA, CGCA, TKN, AWD,  was my keeper from the Uma X Rascal litter. From the beginning he had a drive that impressed me and we quickly bonded. He finished his championship and grand championship relatively quickly then we moved on to water work, tracking, rally, obedience, and finally nosework. He loved to learn and was fun to work. Like brother Dory, nosework was his favorite activity. We were trialing at the NW3 level at the time of his passing. He earned 3 of his 4 NW3 element titles, Exterior, Vehicles and Containers. Unfortunately his sudden passing cut short the time we had together. His legacy remains in his only daughter Rivah.

If you’ve never heard of the Rainbow Bridge, it is where we will meet our friends, whole in body and spirit once again, and we will cross the bridge into the light together.  You can read the beautiful poem here

IABCA Honor CH, UKC CH, AKC GCH CH SeaIsle Captain Jack Sparrow BN RN RI AWD SWN SEA SIA CGCA TKN NW2 L2 Interior L1 Containers L1 Exteriors NW3 Exterior NW3 Vehicle NW3 Containers  MAC-3 “Jack” May 15, 2008 – May 5, 2019

Jack Best Veteran Sweepstakes, Best Veteran, AOM Woofstock 2018 age 10

BISS IABCA Honors CH, UKC CH, AKC GCH CH SeaIsle El Pescador BN RN CGC NW3 NW3-Exteriors NW3-Vehicles NW3-Containers NW3-Interiors L2I L2C L1E MAC-2″Dory”May 15, 2008 – October 14, 2017

Dory doing his favorite thing, finding a hide

IABCA Int’l  & Veteran CH, AKC/UKC CH Ashbe Legado Somente Uma TD BN RN AWD CGC MAC-1 “Uma”June 18, 2004 – May 8, 2015

Photo: Creative Indulgence
2007 National Specialty Ventura, CA

Toraq’s Doryman, RN JWD”Jasper”November 9, 1997 – April 24, 2007    

Jasper working towards his Junior Water Certificate

Sete Mares Cruiser”Cruiser”March 19, 1996 – September 5, 2009

Photo: Creative Indulgence
Cruiser enjoying the sun at Ventura Beach in ’07 at age 11