Sacramento Valley, CA USA

About SeaIsle

Kathy has had dogs all her life.  Her first venture into the dog fancy was with an American Cocker.  They competed in obedience completing his Companion Dog Excellent title and training for Utility.  Unfortunately he had severe problems stemming from an epileptic condition and was just over 3 when he had to be euthanized.  Looking for a breed with fewer health issues, she chose English Cocker Spaniels beginning with a lovely black girl imported from a major kennel in England.  She competed in both conformation and obedience successfully for a number of years with several home-bred champions and multiple obedience titled dogs.  She and the dogs also enjoyed working at tracking and field work.

There was a break from active competition when she spent a number of years helping her kids pursue sports and academic achievements.  During this time she had Standard Poodles but again discovered health issues that sent her looking for another breed.

When she was ready to re-enter the world of competing with dogs, she researched many breeds and fell in love with PWDs and the people dedicated to them.  That was in 1996 and the love affair with PWDs still continues.

Kathy is an active member of both the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California as well as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

SeaIsle is a small hobby kennel with puppies available only occasionally.  Puppies are placed in homes based on the best match for both the puppy and the expectations of the new owner.  Placement decisions are based on the temperament and energy level of each puppy.  Kathy actively encourages owners to become active in training their puppies, at least through basic manners, but also the many other areas of sport that can be so much fun for both owner and dog.  Each puppy is sold on a contract from parents that have been fully health tested per the PWDCA guidelines.