Sacramento Valley, CA USA

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Boardwalk River Song To SeaIsle

RN SWA SINE SENE SCE SIE SEE CGCA TKI DJ JWD ORT L1-C L2-I L1-V NW3 (x2) NW3 Containers NW3 Exterior NW3 Vehicle PKD-T MAC-4


Headed home to California from Illinois at 8 wks
First Dock Diving lesson
Leaping from boat 8-2017 water trial
Dock Junior Title


Click here to see Dory in action at Vallejo April 25, 2010

 BISS IABCA Hnr CH, UKC CH, AKC GCH SeaIsle El Pescador BN RN CGC JWC NW3 NW3(x2) Exterior NW3 Vehicle NW3 Container NW3 Interior L2 Container L2 Interior L1 Exterior MAC-2

Yuba City 2013 Group 4, Tammy Seidlitz handling
Getting some serious air!
Vehicle alert Hayward Nosework 1 Trial 10/2014
NW3 Title, NW3-Exteriors & Vehicles Los Angeles 12/2016

IABCA Hnr CH, UKC CH AKC GCH SeaIsle Captain Jack Sparrow BN RN RI AWD SWN SEA SIA CGCA TKN NW2 L2 Interior L1 Containers L1 Exteriors NW3 Exterior NW3 Vehicle NW3 Containers  MAC-3


Click here to see Jack in action at Hanford, CA March 5, 2010   

Jack performing recall to boat
Finishing at San Gabriel KC with BOW 3 pt major, Oscar Quiros handling
Jack alerting on vehicle hide to earn NW1 title
Jack retrieving float line

Click here to see Dory, Jack and brother Jorge playing with Barley Saulsbury when they’re all about 20 months old.

IABCA Int’l & Veteran CH, UKC CH, AKC CH Ashbe Legado Somente Uma, TD, BN, RN, AWD, CGC

Uma on board at Canyon Lake, AZ 10/2009
In the winter months we hit the fields for tracking
1st Place Brood Bitch  2011 PWDCNC Regional Specialty